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Roxy left Keishukai

As of yesterday, have left the team Wajyutsu Keisyukai.  I am now freelance.

This is because I want to change my life.  I’ve moved to a different apartment in a different area of Japan.  I’ve transferred and now work at a different branch school in my company.  I also want to change MMA teams and experience new things.  I hope to open more doors for opportunities.

I’m now thinking about various places I’m going to train, but I know I’ll keep working with my trainer Kiuma Kunioku, for one.

I joined Keishukai exactly four years ago, introduced by a friend from  The Keishukai people accepted me into their dojo, and I felt like family.  I have many many happy memories.  I’m eternally grateful to them and will continue to love them.  I lived there, I learned there, I cried there, I bled there, I slept there- it was home.  It was half of my life.  I treasure the friendships I made and those that will continue, and I know I’ll run into everyone all over the place. The MMA world is a small world, after all.

Thank you, Keishukai.