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Roxy fights for a fight

MMA Junkie has a good article on top female fighter and jackal extraordinaire Roxanne Modafferi … recognize the shirt she’s wearing? As we mentioned yesterday, Roxy is looking for a fight:

Since, Modafferi (13-4) has gained more MMA success with a six-fight winning streak and more frustration in working to collect attention and opponents. It all came to a head earlier this week when Strikeforce announced that Baszler would participate in the organization’s June 19 “Strikeforce Challengers” event in Kent, Wash.

Modafferi knows that could’ve been her. Don’t misunderstand; she loves her life in Japan, living in the Kanagawa prefecture about an hour south of Tokyo and teaching English. But she also feels that another chance at Baszler, or any other female fighter in Strikeforce, could prove that she remains the successful fighter she was before the fight with Baszler, even if she has a tougher time gaining attention in Japan.

“I like to say that you have to step over bodies to get to the top (in MMA),” Modafferi said in what was, for her, late Friday night in Japan. “Well, she stepped over me. She’s fighting on Showtime, and my career kind of stopped.”

Roxy is in a shitty situation because promotions have to pay for a Japanese plane ticket but don’t get a Japanese fighter coming off the plane. That might seem like a really stupid reason not to book one of the best women at 135 pounds, but I swear to god it stops her from getting fights ALL THE TIME.

Plus she’s more geek than model, more Hazelett than Huerta. And while the Hazeletts have to put up with Huertas getting preferential treatment (until they bite the hand that feeds and get catapulted into obscurity), at least they still get to fight. Roxy’s inability to land a fight is by no means a unique story in WMMA. There are TONS of skilled women who eventually quit the sport because there’s just no decent system at all in place for them to fight. Remember Jennifer Howe?

Anyways, all I can do is hope either that Strikeforce signs Roxy or that the WEC signs Gina and starts their own female division. Because (and maybe this is just ignorance on my part to assume) at least the WEC wouldn’t avoid top ranked talent because they don’t ‘get’ how to market them.