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ROXY FIGHT ALERT: Women’s MMA is back in Japan!

(Roxanne Modafferi is a fervant Jackal and occasional contributor to Fightlinker. She’s also one of the best female 135 pound fighters in the world! Fightlinker and our peeps are proud to support her by offering a special 63Fight – Team Modafferi shirt for sale, with all proceeds going to help Roxy fight and WIN!)

It’s at Valkyrie 01, the sister of “Cage Force,” a promotion run by GCM (Greater Common Multiple)!!

Actually, in a planning meeting all the Keishukai women decided to call it “Cage Force Queen,” but the President and consultant/matchmaker Mr. Nagao changed it without consulting us. One day I read on the Internet about the creation of a new promotion called “Barukeeree” and I thought, “What on earth is that?” (the pronunciation in Japanese)

That is an all-women’s cage fighting event- the second cage event ever, since the one-time smash K-Grace tournament (May 2007). Since the demise of Smack Girl, women lost their battleground, and GCM president Kubo decided to do something about it. If he held Valkyrie in the afternoon at 2 PM before the 6 o’clock evening male-card “Cage Force EX,” he could take advantage of paying the venue for one day of use.

The card features Smack Girl Champion Yuka Tsuji (15-1) vs the upcoming star V Hajime (3-1). I hope she’s a star, because the difference in experience seems a little…vast. But to be honest, choices are extremely limited, so you take what you can get. It’s exceedingly difficult to make women’s matches. You have to give a hats-off to Smack Girl for continuing as long as they did.

Here’s the card as it stands.

Valkyrie 01
November 8th, 2008
Place: Differ Ariake, Tokyo
Doors open at 1:30, fights start at 2.

flyweight (-45.4kg) 3x3min
Yuka Tsuji (19-1, Angura) vs V Hajime (3-1, Max Jiu-jitsu)

2 x 3min
(welter-weight 62.2kg) no gnp
Roxanne Modafferi (12-4, WK) vs Chisa Yonezawa (debut, Cobra Kai)

featherweight (-52.2kg) 3×3 min
Naoko Omuro (8-7-2, WK) vs Yasuko Tamada (9-4-2, AACC)

2 x 3min
featherweight (-52.2kg) No gnp
Akiko Naito (4-6, WK) vs Madoka Ebihara (2-1, Paraestra Matsudo)

Sakura (debut, WK) vs Mamiko Mizoguchi (1-3, Alliance)

Believe it or not, Japan is actually BEHIND the USA in attitudes about women in MMA. People still see it as the “women’s basketball” version of the sport. Sure, they can try and fight, but they do it “women’s style” and people don’t take it as seriously. Smack Girl fans are a niche group of MMA fans. Mr. Nagao, a former Smack Girl employee, explained the short rounds as ‘something popular in the States now’ and boasted about the wonderful ‘novice rules.’ In my opinion, which I shouldn’t say because I’m deeply involved in all this, is that there is nothing novice about cage fighting. But if it has to be this way the first time, so be it. If people are too picky, nothing gets started.

I’m praying Valkyrie makes a big splash and fighters can sell lots of tickets. Like any good baby, it needs lots of nourishment and love to sprout into a big, bad grown-up promotion. It should be an exciting day of fights.