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Roxy Fight Alert!

There’s very few people who are masters at both Dance Dance Revolution and MMA fighting, and Roxanne Modafferi is one of them. Our favorite fightergeek in the universe hasn’t had the best 2011 in the cage – her last two fights were coin toss decisions where the coin landed on the side of her hometown opponents. But hopefully she’ll be able to end the year with a bang as she takes on Irish fighter Aisling ‘Ais the Bash’ Daly in North Carolina on October 1st.

Aisling is best known for taking down fighters and pounding them out and her ability to dye her hair a perfect shade of neon pink. Roxy does some of her best work off her back (get your mind out of the gutter, sir), so I think this is a pretty good matchup for Team Modafferi. Daly’s spent mostof her career fighting Nordic and Eastern European competition. Let’s see how she does against an American fightergirl from Japan!

Oh, speaking of Team Modafferi, your contributions to the cause in the form of t-shirt purchases have helped raise a nice chunk of change to help support Roxy. If you don’t already have a shirt, howboutbuyingonehuh? They come in two flavors: 63Fight sundae and pocky flavored Roxy FightSchool. All proceeds go directly to Roxy, except the warm glow of satisfaction you get from supporting such an awesome person. That goes directly to your heart.