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Roxanne Modafferi is da bomb

When it comes to cool chicks who fight, it doesn’t get much cooler than Roxanne Modafferi. Roxanne is like that girl who plays video games, loves surfing the internet, and is always down for a night of naked Star Trek. Except on top of all this, Roxanne is also an MMA fighter, which adds about 5000 cool points. If I was allowed to marry outside of my cult I would totally track her down and woo her.

Anyways, Roxanne keeps a blog of her adventures in Japan. It’s full of insightful fight-related thoughts that could only come from someone with a vagina:

On the day of the weigh-ins, I found myself face to face with my opponent, Shayna Baszler. Unable to produce any sort of evil glare without looking ridiculous, I settled for a thoughtful expression. I hate meeting my opponents before fighting. I fear I’d start to like them and my emotions will effect me when I’m trying to pound her face in. I couldn’t avoid talking to her without being rude, however, and we ended up promising to be enemies before, and make friends after the fights. Both avid fans of Dragon Ball Z, we posed DBZ style during the face-off. I left the weigh-ins forcing myself to mentally imagine kicking her face without feeling bad.