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Rough times for Affliction in Vegas

As if being the new guys trying to throw a show in Vegas wasn’t hard enough, Affliction is also suffering the wrath of the UFC for running in their backyard. Steve Cofield says the situation got so bad that the company considered cancelling the show:

Oddly, enough there has been little advertising in the home of the event, Las Vegas. Rumors were swirling late last week that Affliction was sending out feelers about cancelling the event. And Affliction VP Tom Atencio told MMAWeekly that the promotion was being “blocked” in Vegas, the home base of UFC.

Right now Tom Atencio isn’t saying what exactly the UFC is doing to make life miserable, but you know how things are in MMA: gossip goes round faster than an all girls private high school with sexy uniforms and rampant lesbianism. Mmmmm. So soon enough we’ll know what the UFC has been doing to poor Tom. Or who Amy Bresler is boning. I’m down for either.