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Rosenthal admits he let Munoz take a few extra shots

I’m sure there are tons of terrible stoppages across the country every week that would turn your hair white if they were filmed and broadcast in one horrific highlight. Last week’s Munoz / Weidman stoppage was bad, but probably no worse than a lot of others we’ve never even heard of. What is pretty rare though is a ref holding himself accountable for that bad stoppage. Here’s Josh Rosenthal admitting he f*cked up:

“I always say accountability is a huge part of the sport, and you are accountable for your actions. I feel like I was just a little slow on the trigger [Wednesday]. I don’t want to see guys take unnecessary punishment. It’s a rough sport.

“Everyone knows what they sign in for, but it’s a millisecond-basis game. You’re making choices right there on the spot, and in the heat of the moment, I felt like I was seeing some stuff. In hindsight, I have to step my game up and make sure I’m on point for the next guys.”

While it’s nice to hear Josh Rosenthal beat himself up a little over messing up a stoppage, even nicer would be the California State Athletic Commission saying the same thing and promising to address it. No need to throw Rosenthal under a bus or sacrifice him to the Gods of MMA or anything. Just a short and sweet “The CSAC’s top concern as always is fighter safetey and we feel our standards to this point were not met in last week’s Mark Munoz vs Chris Weidman stoppage. We will be addressing the issue with our referees to ensure there will be no repeats of the situation.” Oh, but that would be admitting wrongdoing and you can’t do that! Commissions are perfect and infallible, after all.

  • TheFecalFilanthropist says:

    Munoz wasn’t carried out on a stretcher. He was standing there just fine for the decision.

    Rosenthal fucked up.
    He admitted that 4 days ago.

    csac deserves all the disdain in the world, but Rosenthal already fessed up.

    Someone needs to call a stoppage on kicking him in the balls.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    im fine with munoz taking a few extra just becasue of his terrible job on the fox mma show

  • G Funk says:

    I’m fine with it cause I’m still not sure whether he’s Mexi or Fili?

  • frickshun says:

    ^^His nick is the “Philipino Reeking Macheen.” I’m almost positive he’s Mexican.

  • SST says:

    He deserved for all the times they fucked up my order at the taqueria.

  • TheFecalFilanthropist says:

    Pantastic then…