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Rory Markham dumber than previously thought

I’m 99% sure that Thiago Alves’ kidneys are going to shut down sooner or later, but I think Rory Markham is the first fighter in the UFC a fighter has suffered major organ failure from cutting weight. Unless you don’t consider a lung to be ‘major’ … in which case you are more hardcore than I, good sir.

The Miletich welterweight competed against Dan Hardy with a collapsed lung, according to his friend Sam Sheridan, author of ‘A Fighter’s Heart’.

“Rory’s a friend of mine, and he’s NOT making any excuses, but this is a pretty crazy story. He had a terrible weight cut in London, and cramped so badly after the weigh-ins that one of his lungs collapsed. He didn’t even know it. He just said he was feeling pretty shitty,” Sheridan wrote on The Underground forum earlier.

“After the knock-out, he got x-rayed, and the Doc said “Can I X-ray your chest, it looks weird”?” and Rory said sure, and they said “You have a collapsed lung.” He had to stay in London 2 days for observation, and I think he’s got 120 day medical suspension.

“The only thing he said to me was “That was the worst weight cut I’ve ever done…I know what hell is like.”

I’m kinda interested to know if we’re supposed to be impressed with Rory’s toughness or horrified at the fact that he managed to get into the cage in that kind of condition. There’s also some serious questions to ask whoever the fuck was in charge of Markham’s weight and cut. A lot of fighters have people who are supposed to monitor a cut over the weeks leading up to a fight. Did Rory have this or was he just sneaking twinkies when no one was paying attention?

I’m sure there’s going to be people out there saying that Markham is a real WARRIOR for getting into the cage in such a condition, but I just think he fucked up his cut and that’s nothing to be impressed with. It only takes one dude cutting too hard and suffering a serious injury in the cage to set everything back ten years … if it doesn’t kill the sport outright.