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Rory MacDonald the villain

It’s official: people don’t seem to care much for Rory MacDonald as a person. This UFC on FOX event was the first time he got a serious amount of spotlight, and in the end people looked at what they saw and said ‘No sir, I do not like him.’ That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate his obvious talent and amazing performances in the cage. There’s just something about him that rubs them the wrong way.

Across the web, there’s talk about his ‘negative charisma’ and ‘creepy, serial killer vibe.’ It may be hard for mature adults to put into words what it is about Rory they don’t like, so instead put yourself back into a more primal high school mentality. He may not have been the guy who jerked off under his desk during class. But if the rumor started floating around the lockerbays, people would believe it.

It’s more than that, though. Rory’s quiet and soft spoken demeanor wouldn’t be such a problem if he wasn’t trying so hard to change it. He went from being ‘The Waterboy’ in BC (a nickname that sounds more like a cruel joke than a term of endearment) to ‘Ares, God of War’ in Montreal. He attempts to dress haute couture like teammate Mike Ricci and call fighters out like Chael Sonnen. It all comes off like he’s trying to be anyone but the real Rory MacDonald.

The clincher for most people though seemed to come about halfway through his fight with BJ Penn when, rather than finishing off the tough veteran when he had the chance(s), Rory decided he’d rather slow things down and beat the tar out of him for five full rounds. Then there was the shuffling, the taunting, and the dropping of hands. That was enough to set the Seattle crowd against young Rory, and he was booed loudly after his win.

It’s not too late for Rory to turn things around. Winning in amazing fashion has a way of making people overlook some of the less polished aspects of your personality. And the guy is only 23 years old. He may currently be a confused youth wearing ridiculous red pants stuttering out overly dramatic smack, but who knows how he’ll mature over the coming years. He may finally get comfortable with being himself.