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Rogers camp release lame Kimbo statement

Some people need to learn to quit when they’re ahead. Brett Rogers and his peeps at Team Bison put out an excellent statement regarding the Shamrock / Slice match. It did everything right: gave his employers props, recognized the value of the freakshow they had booked, and then made promises that Brett would whup whoever came out on top. Good stuff.

But now another statement has been released, and it’s complete GARBAGE. The whole thing is just nonsense with really lame weed puns. Which I guess means they’re … implying that Kimbo smokes weed or something?

I don’t really get it. I’d imagine a good 75% of MMA fans blaze up from time to time, so it’s not like that’s embarrassing. Maybe if they were implying that Kimbo was a crackhead or injecting heroin up his anus, that might be better. But as it stands, no one gives a shit about pot smoking anymore past your mom and a few athletic commissions. Since Kimbo is clearing tests, what is Team Bison trying to say? Did they get Kimbo mixed up with Nick Diaz or something?

PS: Five Ounces of Pain had this to say regarding the ‘EXCLUSIVE’ statement:

(note to other editors: feel free to use excerpts and post a link to the complete statement on our site, but unless the statement is released directly to you, you do not have our permission to run it in its entirety)

I wasn’t going to post ANY of the statement since it was so terrible. But since I think that’s a bullshit request, the entire thing is now available after the jump. Pretty much every MMA blog ‘shares’ the news, and a day doesn’t go by that Five Ounces doesn’t pass on stories that it gets from various other sites. Sites that provide original reporting and interesting content thrive. News recyclers don’t. So demanding that sites do more than give proper credit is greedy, bad form and bad precedent. What’s next? AP style “10 cents per word for quoting our interview” or “You can tell people that Hermes Franca is fighting someone else, but you don’t have permission to say who. Only we’re allowed to use that info.”

Sorry, that’s not how things work.


We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more- then sort of forgot what we were laughing about and then we remembered and laughed some more; grabbed a bag of Doritos and those KICK ASS brownies they sell at Costco (they fucking rule!) and came up with this response that Kimbo will understand.

With all the talk and about the Kimbo situation let me be Blunt. I would hate to see this whole deal go up in Smoke when Kenny hammers Kimbo. We don’t want to be a Chronic pest; like a Roach on a white rug but we want our shot. Now far be it from us to Harsh anyone’s Buzz so we will be nicer in our comments going forward.

My Auntie Mary Jane said what the world needs is more Tender Huggin Care (THC). So before any bridges get burnt we will put a lid on the negative. We are not just going to huff and puff; we will just wait ’till the numbers are right and then we will get out from behind the 8-ball, jump from limbo and just hope it happens sometime before Kimbo B-40. Right now I know a lot of hoppers be looking at us with Chinese Eyes wondering if we will set the whole world a blaze. But we like they will just have to wait and while our desire to hear the bell go bam grows like a weed; we will just lay in the grass biding our time with our buds.


– Team Bison on behalf of Brett Rogers

P.S. Damn it is 4:20- I gots to go- Anyone see Kimbo tell him I said HIGH-HIGH