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Roger is like a bad breakup

Roger Huerta’s decision to quit mixed martial arts so he can focus on modeling and acting is still causing shockwaves through the scene … not the biggest shockwaves, but impressive enough considering he’s not exactly topping out anyone’s pound for pound list or anything. His dumb plan is dumb enough that it has garnered the attention of people who otherwise couldn’t give two shits about El Matador. And now we have the inevitable backlash from certain MMA bloggers asking why we have to be so mean to lil ol Woger.

The crazy thing is many fans are angry at him for leaving.

The man lifted himself up from a horrible childhood that would have resulted in jail, drugs or gangs for most, and became a very successful fighter, then used that to open doors to a possible acting career.

That’s living the American dream, in my opinion, and something to be celebrated.

Here’s the thing: No one likes being a rung on the ladder, and that’s basically what lots of people are feeling like in this situation. It wasn’t just the UFC that invested time and effort into Huerta … all us fans did as well. So now he’s saying so long and thanks for all the visibility, but I’ve decided that I’d rather model. FUCKING MODEL. Jesus Christ on the cross, is there any profession more vapid and useless than modeling? There’s a reason so many of them are self-loathing drug addicts … late at night between lines they see themselves in the coke mirror and know they’re pointless specks of cosmic shit.

So yes, we feel slightly used and we feel slightly discarded. It’s kinda like we just got dumped, and in this case the chick left us for a total loser. Okay, so maybe in this analogy, the movie and model industry wouldn’t be represented by a total loser. But that’s how we’re gonna frame it to make ourselves feel a little bit better at least. I seem to remember we went through the same thing back when it looked like we were losing Gina to American Gladiators.

Anyways, this is just explaining where a lot of the piss and vinegar is coming from in this situation. I’m not about to pretend like Roger Huerta owes us something and that he shouldn’t go because of it. But at the same time, it’s not like we owe him a big hug and a kiss goodbye either when he’s basically fucking off for ‘bigger and better things’. So sayonara and suck my dick, Huerta. I hope you fail miserably in all your future endeavors so one day you will look back and say “I made such a mistake leaving you.” Yes, yes you did, you freakin’ jerk.