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Roger Huerta’s freeze

Is anyone surprised that the UFC is freezing out Roger Huerta? They sheparded him carefully through three years of development, only to have him bitch out the organization in Fight! magazine and then decide to put his MMA career on hold for acting / modeling. So now he’s waiting for something / anything to happen … but his contract ends in December, so I wouldn’t expect to see him in the cage again until then, and on the undercard to boot.

If I was a schemer like Dana White and Joe Silva and I wanted to punish Huerta as much as possible for the disloyalty he’s displayed (which is the way these two guys seem to think on issues like this), then I wouldn’t just prelim Roger. I’d prelim him on a UK card or an Ultimate Fight Night. Find a young unknown buck who’ll come in and make him look bad. Or maybe someone who’s known for using the muay thai clinch to smash pretty faces?

Perhaps Roger should look at this less as a freeze out and more as an opportunity to smarten up and come back into the UFC fold before he wrecks his fight career. I guess it depends on if the acting / modeling thing is a real persuit or if that’s just the excuse he used to try and escape into free agency unscathed.