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Roger Huerta scrubbed off UFC 87

Those of you bored out of your skulls on a Saturday night may have decided to watch the replay for UFC 87 on SpikeTV. But it turns out that what you saw wasn’t the same as what everyone else saw on PPV. Yeah of course there were 2000 commercials asking you about conventional oil and shit, that’s to be expected. But check out what Michael from MMA Eruption noticed:

I had a pretty good time watching the replay of UFC 87 tonight. However, I noticed there was something missing – the fight between Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian. Weird, huh? That was the third most-hyped fight at the event, and it does not make it onto the broadcast over stuff like Maia/Mcdonald and McFredries/Massenzio, the latter of which was actually from Ultimate Fight Night 15!

They got rid of the Huerta / Florian bout! This does not bode well for Roger Huerta, who got caught up in a very sticky situation when his cover story for Fight! magazine turned into a bitchfest on the UFC’s pay. Dana White wasn’t happy about it at the time (remember: talking shit about UFC pay is one of those golden rules you should never break), and it looks like things haven’t gotten any better.

So what’s next for Roger? Probably a vacation on the bench until his contract is about to expire and then an undercard bout against some little fire hydrant of a wrestler who can hold him down for three boring-ass rounds. This is also known as the Arlovski treatment. I’d be angry at the UFC over this but I’m betting Huerta really is asking for BJ Penn style money, which is pretty retarded. So if you start to feel bad for Roger, understand that the UFC probably has a 40k/40k contract ready to be signed at any point. For someone who’s only significant win was against Clay Guida, that’s not too bad.