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Roger Huerta scores that 70’s chick

You bitches ready for some gossip? The peeps from the Underground have found a whole bunch of pictures of Roger Huerta and That 70’s Show star Laura Prepon ‘canoodling’ after his fight with Kenny Florian. And here’s how it works: if you find a few pictures of a guy and a girl together, and that means they’re most definitely banging eachother. If you find pictures of Laura at Roger’s house the day after a fight still wearing the same clothes, it opens the floodgates on an endless list of naughty possibilities.

Me? I just think Laura and Roger are close friends who enjoy eachother’s company and the discussions they have on a variety of important topics. Like if Roger should wear a tropical pink condom or one of the lime green ones.

More pics of the ‘couple’ after the jump.