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Roger Huerta re-signs with the UFC

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If that’s the case, then Roger Huerta is NOT insane. He took a look at all the other dudes who tried to fight the UFC for more money / respect / video game rights and apparently decided that fighting the power was a bad idea. How bad? Pretty much the only ‘winner’ has been Andrei Arlovski, and he’s busy filming a documentary about himself for a fight that’s not going to happen because the promotion he’s fighting for is going to fold. That’s what he won. After sitting out for a year. Yep, he beat the UFC.

So rather than ‘win’ like all the other ‘winners’ outside the UFC, he’s decided to just stick with the UFC. Not many details have leaked out about Huerta’s re-signing past the fact that it’s a 5-fight deal (aka the new standard “Until we cut you” contract) and he has also signed away his video game rights for life. But hey, good for Roger. I suppose when you’re about to spend an evening standing on the sidewalk in a chicken suit, it puts the shame of caving to the UFC’s contractual demands into a certain amount of perspective.