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Roger Huerta, greedy bastard

Oh that Roger Huerta. In the week where he should finally be coming into his own as an honest to god contender for the lightweight title, he’s fucked it all up by bitching about money to anyone that will listen. The result? Instead of everyone talking about his chance of winning and what will happen after, everyone is talking about how he’s a whiny little bitch. As for what will happen after the fight? Huerta will likely sit out for a very long time, as insider reports have him asking for BJ Penn level moneys. That’s THE BJ Penn. You know,   contender for the #1 pound for pound spot?

When all this shit started going down, we knew Roger was in trouble because talking about money is a big no no as far as Daddy Dana is concerned. Now Dana has responded back during several interviews with the press, using a lot more ‘fucks’ than usual to describe his opinion on the situation.

Someone should have told Huerta that you’re not supposed to say shit like that until AFTER you get booked for a title shot. Otherwise your #1 contender fight suddenly becomes a maybe #1 contender match. Idiot.