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Roger Huerta confirms he kicked that dude’s ass

Roger Huerta showed up on TMZ yesterday for 30 minutes of awkward live conversation about that girl-punching jackass he destoyed in Austin last month. While he spent a good amount of the show freezing up every time he realized he might say something potentially incriminating, he did managed to get this out:

“I approached the man and said, “You don’t do that. You don’t hit a woman.” The video doesn’t show what happened next, but he said, “F— you. I’ll knock any b—- out I want.” The tape also doesn’t show that he swung at me two or three times right after that,” Huerta told celebrity gossip site TMZ.

“All you see is me bouncing up and down. He has already swung at me at that point. Then the guy takes off running. I chased him down and you saw what else happened… I can’t talk about what exactly happened because it’s a legal matter… If the same thing occurred, I would do it all over again. I have no regrets.”

Watching Roger sit through 30 minutes of trite conversation about everything from that flight attendant who flipped out to Samantha Ronson’s dog, you start to understand why he was willing to burn bridges with the UFC over unpaid promotional appearances. That shit is just painful.

He didn’t even manage to get in a very good plug about his Bellator fight against Eddie Alvarez on October 21st – the one that was officially announced a few days ago. Fight talk was limited to a few minutes in the middle of the second clip and out of all the MMA blogs covering the TMZ interview, a big ZERO mentioned the upcoming fight at the same time. Swoosh!