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Roger ‘Hot Shit’ Bowling talks about that eye poke

While Strikeforce Challengers shows might be light on star power, they still feature a lot of great fights put on by some hot new prospects. Speaking of prospects, last weekend’s Portland edition featured Roger Bowling’s promotional debut and he looked quite impressive as he put the beats on opponent Bobby Voelker for three rounds. The kid throws every punch like he’s trying to bust through a brick wall and mixed it up with smooth takedowns and ground and pound to boot.

But what should have been a celebratory coming out ended as a bit of a clusterfuck – Bowling took the edge of a glove to the eyeball in the third and the fight went to the cards because he couldn’t continue. Here he is talking about exactly what happened:

According to Bowling, he wanted to continue, but was unable to act in accordance with doctor’s instructions, ending the fight.

“The doctors were telling me, ‘You’ve got to open your eye if you want to fight,’ but when you get poked in the eye, you can’t open it, especially as bright as the lights are in the cage,” stated Bowling. “My eye would not come open.

“I was repeatedly asking them if I could flush it out and telling them that I was okay to continue. It’s nothing more than if your eye swells shut, you can still fight, but obviously they wouldn’t let me continue. It was real unfortunate that the fight ended that way.”

While there was some initial concern of damage to the eye, Bowling says things are fine now.

“Six hours after the fight I flushed it out and was able to open it,” he said. “I was seeing double, and kind of had blurred vision for the night. The next day things were better, and the following day it was pretty much back to normal.”

There seems to be a ton of confusion over what happens when a fighter gets an eye poke – the 5 minute recovery rule only applies for groin shots, so according to the rules the doctor is just supposed to come in, assess, and make the call. Of course, common sense states that a poked up eye does require time to recover, so every time there’s a bad poke we see the doctor asking the fighter if they can see while the fighter stalls for time. As for not allowing Bowling to wash his eye with water, I’m not a doctor and maybe stuff like that is the kind of thing that turns a cornea scratch into a cornea tear. But maybe we should get some clarification on stuff like that too.

(pic via Esther Lin’s excellent-as-usual Strikeforce: Portland gallery)