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Roger Gracie might go to Blackhouse and drop to middleweight

When Roger Gracie got hit by Mo Lawal, he reacted just like my robot maid after I tripped over her power cord, but with a tad more writhing. Even if there was a little headbutt and a lot of artificial gonad function behind the knockout blows, Roger did not react well to his first taste of high-level power shots. Therefore, the prospect of Gracie engaging in fisticuffs with elite 205-pounders makes me think more of crush videos than of any actual sport.

But it’s looking like we may not ever have to witness that type of pathos-inducing display again: Tatame has reported that Roger Gracie may drop down to Middleweight and join the Blackhouse team.

Roger Gracie is already working to sign his next MMA fight, but the manager who will be dealing it will not be the same one who used to work these things out for him. TATAME found out that Gracie is talking about it with the managers Jorge Guimaraes and Ed Soares, from Black House, and Guiamaes revealed they’re adjusting the last details.

“It’s not sure yet, we’re working on the little details”, explains Jorge, who is friends with Roger’s father, the coral belt Mauricio Gomes, decades ago. “His father is my friend from Rolls Gracie time, he’s someone I really like and I really care for Roger. I guess Roger is an example, not only as a fighter, but as a person. I’ll do everything I can do for him, it’ll be a challenge for me”.

“To me, he has all the tools to build up a great MMA career, he just need some work, focused. I’m sure he’ll be a tough one to fight in MMA”, compliments the manager, revealing the possibility of Roger dropping to the middleweight division. “He’s considering dropping, but it’s not set in stone yet”.

Besides reminding us that Roger is actually a Gomes and not a Gracie according to the male-dominated lineage customs of Western civilization (his mother is Relia Gracie, Carlos Gracie’s daughter), this article contains the welcome revelation that Roger will drop a weight class to compete with smaller fighters. He will also join a top-notch team to get him ready for the striking he will inevitably face in future fights.

Many questioned whether he had the heart to continue after losing to Lawal, but this was really more of a wishful-thinking way of expressing our desire to see Gracie able to form complete sentences in his old age. It seems like he is doing all the right things and is focused on returning to the cage. So hopefully things work out and we won’t see him do another broken lawn chair flop.

  • Simco says:

    Unless he plans on leaving his home gym and country, all this equates to is the occasional training camp.

  • Giallo says:

    who cares. Like all fucking Gracies he needs to learn to fucking strike already.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    does anybody really care about gracies in mma? they should stick to fixed matches in brazil or straight bjj

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    If he hasn’t been taking it seriously since he first entered he’s probably got about five years before it’s safe for him.

    He’s a like a wrestler with no sub defense.  Horrible.

  • StevenGiles says:

    This is interesting. I’ve seen a rumour he’s signed with the UFC just a minute ago. If he does join Blackhouse as others have said, it won’t be much training. He has a whole series of Acadamies in London so you gotta think he has to stay in the UK and look after them. Braulio isn’t that far away and GSP comes to London fairly often, but if he’s having a serious go at MMA I don’t think that’s enough

    About his name. It is a little strange. Mauricio is a bit of a legend so it’s odd he doesn’t use his name.