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Roger Gracie accused of faking it

When Karo Parisyan pulled out of his fight with Yoshida last-minute, there was no real probing going on about the whole situation. A few bloggers raised an eyebrow Rock-style but no one has been scoping out Karo’s house “Inside Edition” style to see what’s up. Probably because we all know what’s up and it makes us saddy sad sad.

On the other side of the ocean, you won’t find the Japanese being so nice about shit like that. Just ask Roger Gracie, who pulled out of his Sengoku fight with a supposed intercostal muscle injury. Upon hearing from Roger’s doctor that there was no sign of injury and a CT wasn’t performed, Sengoku has now gone public with their opinion that Roger is faking shit and ‘action may be taken’ against the Great Gracie Hope.