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Rodriguez’s’zs Fight Night predictions

Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur
I’ve gotta go with my homeboy Nate in this one. Credeur has shown the much vaunted “improved standup” that all TUF fighters develop after the show, but the guys he’s used it on aren’t anything too impressive. Cale Yarbrough (Hank’s brother?) doesn’t have the skills to stay in the UFC let alone win a fight; Nate Loughran takes after David Terrell in both BJJ and the complete lack of self-confidence; and Nick Cantone is just OK. Quarry, on the other hand, is coming off of his biggest win – and his most brutal. Elbows, elbows, elbows were all over Jason MacDonald’s face before Nate got the gory TKO. Creudeur was manhandled by C.B. Dollaway on TUF, so there’s no doubt in my mind that the much more imposing and physical Quarry will do the same.
Quarry by TKO, round 2.

Carlos Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger
I’m really disappointed that we aren’t getting Condit vs. Lytle, because this is a pretty big mismatch. Ellenberger (whose name reminds me of a tasty lesbian) doesn’t have the grappling ability to keep Carlos from doing whatever he darn well pleases once they’re on the mat. It’s gonna be a textbook armbar victory for the former WEC champion…unless he decides to stay on his feet. God help Jake, if that’s the case.
Condit by submission, round 1.

Gray Maynard vs. Roger Huerta
You hear that sound? It’s my riptide of sorrow. I’d like to sit here and tell you that my main mang, Huerta, will walk out of Oklahomo with a victory, but I just can’t. Gray Maynard has developed into a very good fighter while Roger has stagnated for the past thirteen months. We’re gonna see that ring rust take its toll on the fighting career of Huerta en route to a unanimous decision loss to “The Bully”. I can’t see any way for Roger to win that doesn’t involve Maynard making a mistake; he’s not dumb enough to shoot right into guillotines or keep striking when he shouldn’t. A big, brutal flying knee could happen again, though it isn’t likely. But if Roger wins, don’t doubt for a second that he won’t re-sign.
Maynard by unanimous decision.

Nate Diaz vs. Melvin Guillard
Melvin is the only person I booed at UFC 79 because I’m just not a fan of his. He can brawl, he can kinda wrestle and he can very much get tapped out. Guillard is the same guy who almost got tapped by Gabe Rudiger about six times in one round, got triangled by a facially-menstruating Josh Neer and then was dropped and choked out in ten seconds by Joe Stevenson. (He also totally didn’t beat Tibau.) Sure, Diaz was tossed around by Joe Daddy and hugged by Guida, but too many people are writing him off. Keep in mind that he was technically on a ten submission streak from June 2006 to September 2008. I’m gonna say Nate’s psycho-crusher guard claims another victim in “The Young Ass-assin”. (At what age does he become “The Old Assassin”?)
Diaz by submission, round 1.

What are your guys’ picks? Whoever beats me in predictions might get a small, but totally awesome prize. Let’s see you guys take a stand…