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Rodriguez’s Fight Night predictions

Tonight’s Fight Night is being badly overlooked by everyone. Just to get a little more steam going for tonight’s show, I’m gonna go ahead and drop some knowledge on you guys with my main card picks. Memmer, wagering is unethical unless you do it with (and I’m not responsible for your bookie breaking your arms):

Mac Danzig vs. Josh Neer:
I’m really looking forward to this one. Neer is a guy who gets gritty with anyone (including Houston Alexander), and his fights with the Diaz brothers, Josh Burkman, Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard are worth having in your collection. Danzig is obviously a veteran who has a lot of wins over dudes who are meh. I like Mac, but to be completely honest he has no big wins. Mark Bocek is probably his biggest victory, and even then he struggled. Neer worked a good top control game against Din, and since that’s Danzig’s weak link, I’m going to say Josh takes a fun grappling decision. Saying that, the fight is gonna be fantastic. I’m VERY excited for this fight; it’ll be like Christmas with slightly less violence.

Anthony Johnson vs. Luigi Fioravanti
This one is a pretty good style matchup, for Luigi at least. The guy is smart, he knows what to do against guys with big power. The Chris Leben fight was basically both of them hugging with each of their backs touching every inch of the cage. Fiorivanti didn’t catch any big shots for it but he lost. Anthony Johnson doesn’t have the advantage in the clinch that the Team Quest trained Leben did, so I expect Luigi to take a 30-27 decision that leaves the crowd booing.

Cain Velasquez vs. Denis Stojnic
Cain is a dude I’m a huge fan of. There isn’t much to say about this fight besides the fact that people will know who Cain is after this. The brutality will be swift and quick, but not necessarily painless. Denis came in looking like Baby Fedor, and we all know what happened there. But you never know, there’s always a chance for an upset ” target=”_blank”>no matter what the odds are.

Joe Lauzon vs. Jeremy Stephens:
This is a pretty good match thrown together on short notice. Stephens actually says he wants to co-main against Efrain in April. He’ll be able to I think; he’ll take no damage in this fight and finish it in the second round. Lauzon crumbles like a wall the Kool-Aid man jumps through when people turn it up on him (JZ, Florian, Gamburyan). Guys like Rafael dos Anjos and Cole Miller have gotten demolished while trying to work submission games against Jeremy, and I’d put both of their grappling ahead of Joe’s. I say the first round Joe is close to more than one finish, but Stephens lets loose in the next and gets another highlight reel knockout.


Neer by decision

Fiorivanti by decision

Velasquez by eviceration

Stephens by KO

That’s it, have fun watching the show tonight.