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Rockstar has gone too far

The CSAC wasn’t very happy with King Mo’s post-fight celebration at Strikeforce: Evolution. The guy grabbed two cans of Rockstar Juiced, smashed them together, and then cracked them open to a massive spray of sticky red froth. The shit got all over the place: on Mo, on the cage, and on the canvas. Now the commission is gonna make him pay for it:

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, who also competed on the main card and make his promotional debut, earned $20,000, half which came in the form of a win bonus. However, CSAC officials said the fighter was fined 10 percent of his purse for an issue with his sponsor. (Lawal splashed the cage with Rockstar Energy Drink after his win.)

That’s a $2000 fine, and if you think that’s harsh keep in mind Mo was told to knock it off after the initial gush and then poured a bunch more down his facehole, getting even more onto the mat.

Speaking of faceholes, I’m getting pretty sick of Rockstar being rammed down mine every time there’s a Strikeforce event. The fighters holding cans during the post-fight interview is beyond tacky, and energy drink all over the canvas is just lame. But the thing that pisses me off the most is how Strikeforce has it’s cameramen stand NEXT to the cageposts so that people in the arena can see the Rockstar advertisements they put on the outside.

Whoever decided that was a good idea deserves to be shot in the face. Cages are bad enough for visibility when live without having to try and look around a post AND a fat cameraman. Having had to deal with this when I watched the Strikeforce show live in Chicago, I can tell you first hand it’s annoying as hell. And that’s not even bringing up how potentially dangerous it is with that giant metal step nestled right up against the fence.