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Okay, we got a huge number of entries for the BetUS / Fightlinker radio crossover contest. Each of our radio shows had half of a sentence, which when combined created the super secret ninja answer sentence: ROBOT PONY EATS PLASTIC BAGS. Those that sent us this sentence we assigned numbers too, and then ran a random number generator to pick the winners.

And here they are:

  • Kristine Dizon
  • Chuck Harmer
  • Mohamed Fouad

You guys don’t have to do nothing but sit back and wait for your shirts to arrive in the mail sometime over the next 5-10 business days. We want to thank everyone that entered and we hope to do more contests like this in the future. And remember: when the radio shows are this good, does anyone really lose in contests like this? And for those of you who now ache with desire for our sensual shirts, take thee unto our store and purchase our garments!

Oh yeah … for those of you wondering WTF ROBOT PONIES, it was a song we found while researching posts for our Ponylinker April’s Fools Day prank. The music video is here, and here are some of the lyrics:

christmas eve, 2053
underneath every little girls tree
a robot pony
comb their soft and luscious nylon fur
listen close
hear their clockwork hearts whir
robot ponies
they feed on plastic bags
cut up like lettuce
right out of your hand
things get out of hand
unless you use one of seven preset functions
to make them understand
make them understand
you know best
you know best

choose between seven pony types
some like swimming
we made those babies air-tight
robot ponies