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Robin Black finally kicks butt

(pictured: Robin and his smoking hot girlfriend)

It’s been a bumpy road for our friend and fellow jackal Robin Black. In his debut fight, he lost via triangle, and his second fight didn’t go so well either. But it looks like he’s found himself a win, and gets submission of the night to boot. Winnipeg’s Canadian Fighting Championship (yeah, the abbreviation is the same as the shit that was destroying the ozone layer) hosted the fight, and from the sound of the fight transcript, it sounds like it Robin was using some pretty slick jits, and ended the fight with a Triangle Choke from the mount.

The only caveat in the whole thing appears to be Robin’s striking. When he had the mount, he didn’t let his hands fly, despite his corner yelling at him. For Jujitsu guys, it can be tough to incorporate Ground and Pound in your submission, so it’s something our boy will need to work on. I’ve hung out with Robin, and I know how chill he is. We figure that Robin is so used to rocking out and fucking beautiful women that he is too mellow going into a fight. Perhaps if he gets gang raped by a bunch of Mexican Lucha libres, he would finally get the killer instinct he needs to completely decimate his opponents. Or maybe there’s an easier way. I’m just sayin’.

Still, we’re happy that Robin got his win, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of his adventures as time goes on. Like it or not, Robin is here to stay, bitches