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Rob Emerson out of jail, fighting Nakamura at UFC 81

Call this one the battle of the guys on the edge of being tossed from the UFC. Keita Nakamura is 0-2 in the UFC with decision losses to Brock Larson and Drew Fickett. Emerson did pretty badly during season 5 of TUF and followed that up with a wacky no contest ‘double KO’ with Grey Maynard. Yeah, I know it’s not techically a double KO because Emerson tapped and Maynard was knocked unconscious, but there’s no quick and easy way to say that.

Anyways, we’d reported a while back that Emerson was in jail (again). The whole thing was very shady and many people had their doubts about if/when/why Emerson was back in the clink. But with the signing of this fight MMAJunkie lets us in on the skinny, as is known now:

Since then, Emerson’s status has been sketchy. According to the Orange County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Department website, Emerson was arrested Sept. 19 for unknown reasons. spoke to a representative with the sheriff’s press office on numerous occasions and confirmed that Emerson had, in fact, been arrested. However, more than a dozen requests for additional information and records of the arrest were continually put off. We were repeatedly told to call back, and at other times, we were told the records has been misplaced or that they simply couldn’t be found.

During our digging into that story, we did learn that Emerson had been arrested before — years before he appeared on “The Ultimate Fighter” — as part of his involvement with a gang called “The Lords of South County.” (The disturbing details of the arrest can be found in a 2000 FOX 11 news report.)

Now apparently a free man, Emerson will take on Nakamura, a veteran of the Japanese fight scene.

I don’t really care what happens with this fight … unless one of these guys has turned their life around and completely changed their training regiment, I expect more of the same from them.

  • Teufel says:

    Here’s a video of the “Lords of South County” story. Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me.

  • ilostmydog says:

    K-Taro will take this with ease. Good to see that he’ll finally be picking up a win in the UFC.

  • Beau says:

    I couldn’t care less about this fight. Top notch UFC matchmaking.

  • Toxie says:

    Keita has looked good in Cage Force recently. Hope he can use that momentum to get his first win.

  • smoogy says:

    Why would K-Taro need to turn his life around? What are you talking about?

  • Kid Nate says:

    K-Taro will be cutting down from 170 to 155. He should be very formidable at that weight and roll through Emerson. He very nearly put Fickett away but used an illegal elbow that caused the ref to stop things when he had Fickett stunned.

  • How they can give this guy a fight with a 6-6 record, no super stellar performances, and being fresh out of jail for gang related activities is ridiculous.

    If they’re so dedicated to changing the sports images from a bunch of criminals just beating eachother senseless, how does this help?

  • Rick Donahue says:

    What a punk ass. They should throw Emerson out of the UFC on his rich spoiled ass.

  • operator says:

    I just watched that video posted by Teufel and my opinion of Emerson is that he is a complete fuckin moron. Nothing worse than a bunch of suburban kids running around beating people down cuz they got nothing better to do. I wonder if they will let that guy watch titanic in jail.

  • fightfan says:

    Rob sucks at fighting…..he is great at jumping and beating down UNSUSPECTING and WEAKER, OUTNUMBERED opponents. What a pussy.

    What a hipocrit is Dana White. SIms and Noah get banned from the UFC for life for a backyard scuffle because it gave the sprot a very bad rep. What about jumping and beating down unsuspecting victims….That was in 2001, the getting arrested again in 2007. That is good for the UFC???

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    The UFC has no excuse for putting a piece of shit loser like Emerson back in the octagon, but Nakamura is actually a good fighter.

  • Kyle says:

    If you want to know what Rob Emerson was arrested for go to and put his name in in the case info section. Hes been arrested around ten times.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Emerson is 6-9 and still fighting in the UFC???? LMNAO! He also lost to Nate Diaz, Corey Hill, and tapped to Gray Maynard – but I guess those don’t count. ROLF! PRON! How is this guy still in the UFC?