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Road to the Rogers Centre: Mark Hominick

“MMA Connected” is an MMA news show on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada.  Just this week they renamed the show to “UFC Connected”, which tells you something about both the dominance of the UFC brand and the state of Sportsnet’s relationship with Zuffa.

We’ve all seen the slick, well-produced “Countdown” and “Primetime” specials many times now, but if you’ve ever wondered what a low-budget version of those might look like, this “Road to the Rogers Centre” special on Mark Hominick has the answer.  Our first clue is the cheesy title screen that looks like it’s from the late-1980’s, complete with lightening, a full moon, and a generic city skyline that doesn’t even include the CN Tower.  Then there’s the slightly monster-truck-esque narrator voice, but at least it’s not as bad as on ” target=”_blank”>”Fighting Words” .  I wonder if they paid for those Terminator images in the intro… James Cameron gonna sue somebody.

Of course there’s the requisite scenes of him training at the gym he co-owns with Sam Stout and a small child.  We get a glimpse of life in a middle-Canada small city like London, like when he meets a hoser tradesman while leaving the barbershop and they have a brief “outside voice” conversation from 10 yards apart that includes about 6 right-ons.  We also see his very-pregnant wife, and she tells how he chased her for years before she finally relented, while he looks vaguely uncomfortable.  It’s the kind of story that chicks would call sweet, but I’m sure at least one commenter will say sounds kinda sad and desperate.  I married my high school sweetheart too, so I’ll stay out of it… but I didn’t have to chase her, so there.

It’s not exactly “UFC Primetime”, but it’s still nice to see the local boys getting some media attention, especially since the UFC isn’t bothering to try to big-up Hominick for this.  The guy’s been around for almost 10 years, he’s fighting the best featherweight in the world for the UFC belt, but I bet when he walks out on Saturday night, most fans will go: “Mark Who?”  Maybe it’s because he’s not quite in the top-10, and let’s face it, hasn’t really beaten anyone significant to earn this shot.  Win or lose, as long as Aldo doesn’t completely blast him out of the water, his stock is only going up after this.

Parts two and three after the jump:

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I don’t have time to watch this at work, but A) The countdown special should’ve been about the Featherweight belt as there’ve been several GSP shows to market him and jack shit for Aldo who is a far more spectacular fighter and B) Small child! haha.

  • agentsmith says:

    Fun fact: GSP started wearing suits to the press conferences after he saw Mark Hominick do it.

  • frickshun says:

    Although I don’t believe he has any chance to win……..Homodick will make it a more competitive scrap than Aldo/Faber was.

    PS: I enjoy putting on a fine suit as well. I wear T’s & sneaks to work so it’s a rare occasion.