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Rickson Gracie isn’t very impressed with modern MMA

If you’re gonna namedrop a Gracie into a conversation, don’t bother with Royce, he’s so mainstream. While he was fighting in beer soaked auditoriums in Denver, Rickson was competing in Japan, which anybody will tell you is way cooler and more budo etc. Also cooler? Being totally whatevs about mixed martial arts.

“Today, MMA has simply turned into a circus, extreme, violent, and sensationalist, which only attracts people who like barbarianism and all that blood.  I never fought in MMA, and I never fought under MMA rules or in a cage. I always represented Jiu-Jitsu in any situation, believing that Jiu-Jitsu is a superior art, and to prove it, in order to teach it to my children and be proud to say, “Do this or do that my brother because it’s better,” I fought. However, I don’t have to prove anything else now. My philosophy is to bring to Jiu-Jitsu, for those interested in martial arts, a transparent philosophy, one where he can apply it to defend himself. One he can use to teach to his children, so that his son becomes a better person within society, whether he’s a doctor or a fighter with balance, with force, with dignity, and with respect. That’s my life’s motivation. It’s not to make one, two, or five million dollars, to stick my face out there, just to be part of a circus, which doesn’t mean a thing to me. So, that’s where the situation ends. I think MMA is just a Roman arena today, where people go to see heads roll, blood spill, whatever, and everyone applauds. In fact, you’re creating an environment there where you’re setting a bad example for young people. Because those who think that being an MMA champion, besides the money, means something, are totally mistaken.”

Jeez, tell us how you really feel, Rickson!

“I want you to tell me what social benefit MMA contributes to society, to the participant, the audience, or for those interested in being a part of MMA? You give me an answer, and I’ll think about if maybe there’s a possibility for me to like MMA. Right now, MMA to me is simply a sensationalist sport that feeds society’s need for extreme violence. They enjoy seeing the extreme, the same way you see two truck drivers fighting on the street and you stop to watch, without knowing who’s right or wrong, without knowing if the guys going to kill someone or die. MMA is the same thing. Fans go there to see violence, blood, flying teeth, and if the fight involves some technique, nobody likes it.”

The funny thing is I’d say it was way more of a barbaric circus of violence back in the 90s during Rickson’s days.

  • Frank Dux says:

    If you thought it was brutal in the 90s, you obviously don’t know about my exploits over seas! PEOPLE DIED THERE, and most of the time, it was from my FIST.

  • The same way you would in an MMA tournament. Grab an arm or shduloer, pull him awkwardly down to you, hook a leg to stop him blanketing and sweep to the side. Work for any kind of lock or leverage and chase a submission, this is where things change up a bit because if you think he’s going to go for another shot making him tap out isn’t going to help you.Where you would normally use leverage to cause pain and make someone tap out you’re going to want to damage. Snap, tear, dislocate and strain whatever you can to impede his ability to attack you again.Don’t tap it, snap it.