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Rich Franklin says 205 is his home

After months of being an indecisive bitch on the matter, it looks like Rich Franklin has finally decided that 205 pounds is where he wants to be. Funny enough, that decision was made not based on the asskickings he received from Anderson Silva, but rather Silva’s help in training:

“I’ll say this much,” Franklin told the newspaper. “With training with Anderson out here in L.A. and him being the champ at 185, it really makes me feel like I don’t have a place at 185 pounds anymore.

“I don’t see myself going to back to 185.”

Let’s face it, Rich Franklin at middleweight was getting pretty boring. Sure, he could stick around there and knock off contenders like Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia, but that obviously doesn’t help anyone. Why it took Rich nearly a year to accept a permanent place in his new division is beyond me, but I’m glad he’s finally locked it in. Moving up or down is cool, but bouncing around two divisions bugs the shit out of me for some reason.