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Rich Franklin moving to 205???????

I hate news articles that use question marks in the headline. For example, shit like “GSP to fight Anderson Silva?” and then the article says “Not any time soon.” Making headlines into questions is a great way to sensationalize things because you can pretty much spend all your days making bogus articles called “Dana White: Gay?” or “Tim Sylvia eats feces?” or “Kalib Starnes: Ultimate coward?” when only two out of three are actually true. This is a favorite pastime of the bastards at Fox News, who hammer you with so many of these it’s like being brainwashed Clockwork Orange style.

With that in mind, I nearly decided to skip over reading MMA Weekly’s “Rich Franklin moving to 205?” article, since Rich himself spent the entire weekend at UFC83 denying that was going to happen. But now we’ve got his agent Monte Cox saying they’re considering it and it now depends on the UFC as to where they want him to go:

“He’s fought almost everybody in the 185-pound division,” said Cox. “There are some guys that he could fight, but if he beats them it knocks them out of title contention. And nobody is looking to see Rich and Anderson Silva 3 right now, including me.”

“We’ve talked about going to 205 and how would he match up with some of those guys, with a Forrest Griffin or a Keith Jardine. I think there’re some really good fights. There’s a whole bunch of 205’s that I think would be interesting.”

He continued, “In the end, we do what the UFC wants. If they want us to try 205, we’re up for it. If they want to keep us at 185, then we’ll do that too.”

The UFC has already pointed towards a fight with Dan Henderson, who’s also in weight class limbo. That fight can take place at either weight so regardless of what happens with this choice that should still be the next fight for Rich. Personally, I want to see Franklin fight at 205 … a guy moving up in weight instantly becomes an underdog in my mind because they’ll usually end up being the smaller guy, and I’d love to see how he faces that challenge.

  • Tom says:

    I think that’s the only option he has right now. I think he’s shown that he’s the 2nd best Middleweight they have right now, so as long as he keeps beating the #1 contenders to Silva, there’s going to be no one to challenge for the title.

    Who knows how he’d do at 205 — I think he’d be alot like Henderson — small enough to cut to 185, but a good enough size that he could pack on enough weight to remain competitive at 205.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I’m not a Franklin fan, but I’m not a Franklin hater either. He seems like a good guy (apart from the God-bothering), and he’s certainly a great fighter, but Silva just has his number. He’s obviously too big to drop to 170 (without some SERIOUS shifts in his diet and training), so 205 is the only other place he can compete in the UFC where he won’t be constantly hitting the glass ceiling.

    Will he be successful at 205? I don’t know if he can compete with the top of the food chain guys. It’s possible for him to beat a lot of the guys there (since I think there’s quite a bit of filler), but I don’t see him kicking ass against Chuck or Machida or Rampage. And if he can’t get to the top there, the only way to a belt is out.

    But is cutting him from the UFC such a bad idea? Let him be the champ at 185 somewhere else for a while.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Where’s he going to go though? It seems like UFC and WEC’s contracts aren’t transferable between promotions, and if you let him go somewhere else, that promotion gains a lot of credibility suddenly, because you have this guy that everyone knows was a former champion in his weight class, who just has this one indomitable nemesis who’s got BEAT RICH tattooed across his Brazilian knuckles.

    Not beating Anderson Silva no longer makes you a loser at this point because he beats everyone he meets now. I think there were more questions about Franklin the first time he lost to Silva than there are now for sure.

    I’m not sure how good going up will be for him. The limey looks a lot better at 185 than he did at 205. Will he be just another “grind it out” guy who beats up on 2nd tier 205 guys and doesn’t get a reasonable shot at Rampage or Chuck?

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    He just wants to give the fans exciting fights. Plus he still has a couple of really good fights left at MW…..Bisping, Quarry 2, Marquadt, Hendo. All this talk about moving up to LHW is horse apple.

  • Key thing is he can’t keep beating all the contenders. It’s not good for business :-p

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    They can hype those fights up & sell a ton of tickets. He only has a couple of yrs left, those fighters are younger than him, right? They can fight for the belt after he retires. Plus I would rather see them go through him & earn the right to fight for the belt rather than seeing another “Fitch.”

  • frickshun says:

    Maybe the UFC can create a “gatekeeper” belt & he can be the champ. I think guys like Almeida & Maia have to prove they can beat a rounded guy like Gatekeeper Franklin before they get a title shot. I don’t think Franklin has looked very dominant since he beat the hell out of the Crow.

  • Dr. Gonzo says:

    Rich’s whole career used to be at 205. He would have to put muscle mass back on because you can tell he is smaller since fighting then. He will be fine there

  • I believe the intent of the article was not to “sensationalize” the topic, but rather emphasize that it is a question that the UFC and Rich are going to have to eventually address. Sorry if it rubbed you guys the wrong way…