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Rich Franklin moves up to 205

(more proof that Rich loves him dem jugs)

Well, the UFC has finally put their foot down and forced Rich Franklin up a weight class. Everyone has been wondering when it was going to happen, but the best you could get out of Rich or his management was “We’ll go where the UFC wants us to go” followed by a variation of “Rich is really comfortable at 185”. While Rich’s camp is saying the step up isn’t permanent, I get the feeling that the only way UFC management will let Franklin is going back down is if he gets whupped Anderson Silva style a few times up at 205.

You would think Rich would get an easy start in his new weight class, but apparently not … the UFC has decided to match him up against Matt Hamill, who’s known for his retard strength. Oh sure, the skill levels aren’t even close … Matt Hamill could barely strike a match last year, and while he’s gotten better I don’t think he’s even worthy of holding Rich’s focus mitts. But Hamill is one of those classic ‘big light heavyweights’ that everyone always gushes about, and he’s got enough wrestling skillz to drag Franklin down and keep him down.

The whole ‘fun’ (at least for us) behind Rich Franklin moving up is that every fight is going to be an uphill struggle, even against mediocre LHW opponents. It certainly beats watching him smush second stringers in the middleweight division so he doesn’t derail more title contenders.

  • Jose Bastillo says:

    Man, it sucks for Rich because he best buddy Anderson is following him in the move up. Rich can’t escape him, poor guy.

  • garth says:

    i’m just stunned they have him in against hammill. i thought they were trying to build hammill up, and they liked rich. franklin is also a huge 185, so i doubt he’ll be dwarfed by anyone.
    still, someone with that single-dimension game like hammill. you’d think they’d want to put him against say time boetsch or something instead.

  • Hammer says:

    Is there any interest in franklin vs. silva at any weight?? He got blown out both times. I dont think the third time is a charm…