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Rich Franklin likes things at 205

While Rich Franklin was hesitant about the whole move to 205 thing at first (he doesn’t seem to like doing anything at first, does he?), it seems like he’s taken a liking to the weightclass:

“I think my timing is better at 205 than it was at 185,” said Franklin. “Not that I was ever a sluggish fighter at 185 pounds but I think that not cutting weight keeps me that much more fresh at 205 pounds.”

Although Franklin will never be one of the biggest guys at 205 pounds, he feels as if the slight lack of natural size will give him a very distinct advantage against the rest of the competition in the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

“I’m dealing with bigger fighters at 205, which for the most part are going to be a little bit slower,” said the former middleweight champion. “I feel like in the light heavyweight division I may be a little bit faster than most of the competition. Not quite as big, not quite as strong but perhaps just a bit faster. I think that because of that I may have an advantage at 205.”

One thing I noticed after Rich went up to 205 was that he didn’t look gaunt and miserable all the time. He was still sporting the perma-shiner he always seems to have, but he was actually smiling and joking around during the weigh-ins and seemed generally happy when he was in the ring. I guess going back down to 185 where he has to cut like a motherfucker is just another reason he’s not looking forward to a potential return to to middleweight. That’s on top of wasting a year at light heavyweight, wasting all that effort building up his frame for light heavyweight, and of course being back in the shadow of Anderson Silva.