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Rich Franklin is a pirate

When Rich got his eye skewered during his fight with Dan Henderson at UFC 93, I was thinking the fight was about to get called off. Imagine how that would have fucked everything up for the UFC and TUF, eh? Actually, I wouldn’t have minded a no contest because then we’d be guaranteed Franklin-Hendo 2 sometime in the future. I couldn’t care less about TUF so having that thrown into disarray would have given me a certain amount of dark pleasure.

As it stands, the fight went on, Rich lost, and Dan Henderson became this season’s TUF coach. I pretty much forgot about the eye poke because I figured hey, he continued with the fight so I’m sure he’s fine. Well, the good news is that he doesn’t need to have the freakin’ thing removed or surgically fixed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fucked up. After the jump, you can see gooey gross pictures of Rich’s eyeball. Sure, it’s up there with those STD pictures they show you in highschool or shit you’d find on Stile Project (old school internet peeps know what I’m talkin’ about). But if you need a hottie chaser afterwards to get the vision of Rich’s impaired vision out of your mind, we got you covered.