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Rich Franklin is a candidate for TRT

Someday we will have a week in MMA news when TRT doesn’t come up. This is not that week. In fact, this is the week we find out even Jesus-loving school teachers are considering injecting testosterone. Rich Franklin was on the MMA Hour a few days ago and was quite frank about the possibility of using the stuff:

“Yeah, I’ve kicked around that idea and everything, and actually I’ve talked to doctors that work with the UFC and the athletic commission in Nevada and all that kind of stuff,” said Franklin, who takes on Wanderlei Silva at UFC 147 later this month. “And at 37, my count obviously is not what it was when I was 25, and I’m a candidate for that kind of stuff. I haven’t started yet.

“I’m not sure if that’s something I want to do or how I want to approach that, because TRT is … once you start that process it’s a permanent fixture,” he continued. “Once you start putting those hormones in your body — those synthetic hormones — then your body is not going to produce its own hormones any more, and so you really have to think carefully. My levels are still decently healthy for a male, but they’re not high enough to continue a prolonged career at a top level for many more years.”

Rich makes TRT sound like something any 37 year old could apply for and get approved. And here I was thinking it was for people with malfunctioning gonads and stuff like celiac disease. Silly me!

  • SprechenSieDouche says:

    My understanding is that anyone can get a prescription for Androgel if they have typically low T associated with aging.

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  • Reverend Clint says:

    what is the issue?

  • frickshun says:

    No way that’s his fucking body!!

  • G Funk says: