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Ricco Rodriguez is washed up

I don’t get washed up fighters sometimes. You’d figure if a guy needed some money and wanted to make it in fighting, he’d at least hit the gym and get in shape a bit or something. But I suppose if washed up fighters actually worked hard to be better, they probably wouldn’t be washed up. I’m still trying to figure out who wins the award for most washed up fighter in the history of MMA: Mark Kerr or Ricco Rodriguez.

Y’all saw Mark Kerr’s rise in PRIDE and then his fall in the Smashing Machine. Now you see his bloated return at various small shows across America. Since largely dropping off the face of the earth between 2001 and 2006, Kerr has gone 2-4 since his ‘return’ to MMA.

Then you’ve got Ricco Rodriguez, who’s best known recently for trying to sell his UFC heavyweight belt on eBay and his stint on Celebrity Rehab. Ricco isn’t as terrible as Kerr has been in the ring (he’s 4-3 since 2007 – a testament to the fact that he’d be really good if he actually gave a shit), but every time we hear that Rodriguez is ‘back’, he then shows up at another fight horribly out of shape. Such as in this recent boxing match:

Former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez lost in a split decision Tuesday night as boxing returned to the Las Vegas Hilton.

Rodriguez looks huge. But not in a good way like Kaspars Kambala. Ricco tipped the scales at 270 pounds. Let’s put it this way, Ricco doesn’t look very suave. He had Xtreme Couture boxing coach Ron Frazier in his corner and wore a pair of trunks with a Throwdown logo in an odd homage to MMA.

Mike Tyson made fun of the fight. “Are you going to throw some punches or what?” he asked in round one.

Ricco’s opponent, a guy named Chad Davis from Phoenix, taunted the former UFC champ at the end of the first with a little hip gyration maneuver.

“Come on,” Tyson implored. “Try to hurt each other.” Nobody got hurt. Well, at least not physically.

So who do you guys think is the biggest washup in MMA?