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Reviewing Chael’s performance

Chael Sonnen has become a bit of a parody of himself lately, with his retarded rants being so popular that they’re now being play-by-played along with the fights. Too bad Bloody Elbow was not impressed with his performance:

I have to say I was a little disappointed. Sonnen seemed uncomfortable with the teleconference and never really found his rhythm. Did he spew some trash? Yeah, but in my opinion he really missed an opportunity to take it to new levels for the Versus audience.

Joe Rogan tossed a meaty softball slow and right over the middle of the plate when he asked what Sonnen thought of Anderson Silva’s shameful performance at UFC 112 against Demian Maia. But Sonnen foul tipped it with a false positive answer saying “Yes, you’ll see more of the same at UFC 117.” Disappointing.

Sonnen did manage to say that Silva will be dancing again at UFC 117 and claimed that he will be fast enough to force the action. But the failure to produce a shocking sound bite is something that Sonnen fans must feel sorely.

Jordan Breen ponders where all this smack will leave Sonnen after he gets smoked like southern BBQ next weekend:

“Even if it all goes downhill from here, he had that one shining moment of a year or so where he became one of the most relevant Middleweights in the world and talked his way to the big time and no one can ever take that away from him.”

I do have to hope that Dana White throws out some extra money for Chael considering he’s doing quite the shark-baiting routine to try and get people to tune into this fight. Even the people who live on planet earth and know Sonnen has a snowball’s chance in hell will probably still tune in just to see Anderson Silva punch him in the teeth for all the stupidity he’s spewed.