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Reverend’s Picks UFC 115 (now with more Subo)

Judging by head size alone Chuck takes it… easily

Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman

Rev: I’ve been following mac since his days in KOTC, Pride and TUF… he is good against scrubs. Matt was on the Ultimate Fighter too but the difference is he is better against scrubs and pro’s. Mac might be able to take some nice photo’s but I see Wiman painting his face with blood. Plus Mac’s a vegan.

Subo: Say what you want about Bisping or Grove (in the case of Mikey, don’t hold anything back for the sake of decorum), but they’re better fighters than Mac Danzig.  Remember, a lot of people were dumb enough to think he would do something other than get his ass kicked by Josh Neer.  After that fight, I’ve just kind of been counting down the days until he got cut.

  • Rev: Matt Wiman via Unanimous Hump Decision.
  • Subo: Homely Matt Wiman by UD

Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald

Rev: Former WEC Champion vs KOTC Canadian and World Champion… edge to WEC just from the shear sheer talent. Rory might be undefeated but who has he fought? Mike Guyman and Clay French? Condit was undefeated in the WEC and made it to the end of the ROTR tourney only to be defeated by the current MW Champion of Strikeforce.

Subo: Shear talent?  Are you saying the WEC is better at cutting hair or were you going for “sheer”?  Condit has had two close fights to start his Octagon career, and I had him going 0-2 against Kampmann and Ellenberger.  Seriously, go rewatch round one of the Ellenberger fight and tell me how he possibly pulled anything better than a draw out of the judges.  It defies explanation.  Don’t know anything about Rory other than he’s insanely young and undefeated.  Good enough for me.

  • Rev: Carlos Condit via TKO/KO rd. 3
  • Subo: MacDonald by TKO rd. 2

Ben Rothwell vs. Gilbert Yvel

Rev: Both fighters are 1-2 in their last 3 fights and both have a loss in the UFC so loser will probably leave town. Both guys have good striking but Gilbert probably has the edge. Ben certainly has the edge on the ground. Ben has the edge in size but some of that will be fat as opposed to Gilbert’s near pure muscle. Ben is gonna have to take this to the ground early and beat Gilbert real good.

Subo: Ah, hell.  Rothwell looked more in shape yesterday than he did for his sacrifice to Cain Velasquez, but that’s a very relative type of judgment.  Yvel is one of my least favorite fighters ever – I’m thinking that the willful, deliberate assault of a referee should be grounds for a lifetime UFC ban (unless of course the referee is Mazzagatti) – but he was in a no-win, short notice situation against Dos Santos.  Who would I rather have in the UFC?  Stylistically and excitement-wise I’d pick Yvel.  Overall, I pick Big Ben.

  • Rev: Ben Rothwell via TKO rd. 1
  • Subo: Rothwell by TKO rd. 2

Paulo Thiago vs. Martin Kampmann

Rev: Both guys have beaten Jacob Volkermann but Martin put him away. He also beat Carlos Condit, given it was his debut in the UFC. Paulo did kick Koschecks ass pretty nicely but I’m leaning towards the Dane.

Subo: I’m not even going to bother editing Clint’s pick here – beyond making the correct pick, of course.  Thiago is a legitimate top three-or-four 170er, and Kampmann got blasted by a very one-dimensional Paul Daley.  No, the stand-up chasm isn’t as wide here (and may actually favor Kampmann), but Thiago is more used to getting shot at by Brazilian drug dealers than Danish kickboxers.

  • Rev: Martin Kampmann via TKO/KO rd. 2
  • Subo: Thiago by sub, rd. 3

Mirko Filipović vs. Pat Barry

Rev: Poor Mirko… he was the MAN in Pride but how far he has fallen. His tenure in the UFC has been one of the bumpiest for a former Champion. Pat Berry is the next “Cro Cop”, albeit shorter, but can he get past the original? I think so but it won’t be easy. both guys are great on their feet but Pat has more tools, including leg kicks from hell. If this fight took place like 5 years ago Mirko probably would have taken it but he is rapidly aging.

Subo: Betting on Cro Cop is akin to contributing to John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign: A futile, if noble, waste of money.

  • Rev: Pat Berry via TKO/KO rd. 3
  • Subo: Barry by first round TKO

Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin

Rev: This fight at first seemed like a purely fan fight like Chuck vs Wandy but now that I’ve seen chucks rippling abs that might change. He needs a win to stay in the UFC but Rich is no push over. Sure he had his soul stolen by a couple Devil worshiping piglet… three times but I can see Rich taking this one. He needs a win so he can continue making really terrible religious sci-fi movies. Rich will likely try to take Chuck to the floor.

Subo: Does Rich shoot and clinch, or does he stand and bang?  Either way, I’ve gotten over my earlier prediction of “Rich Franklin via technical striking” (which was my correct prediction of his fight with Wandy) – Chuck practically invented using wrestling in reverse and I seem to remember Rich having issues in the clinch.  My heart may be influencing this pick.

  • Rev: Rich Franklin via TKO/KO rd. 2
  • Subo: The Iceman by 2nd round TKO