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Reverend Clint’s UFC 103 Halfass Predictions

Stealing an idea from Senor Rodriguez I’m gonna go ahead and get some of my predictions on paper, or plastic I guess. Please don’t take any of these serious… I can’t have that on my conscious. On to UFC 103 “Has-been”

Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal
Both of these guys are kind of undercard or prelim fighters who can knock a fucker out. Drwal looks better if you take a quick glance at his last few fights but he hasn’t fought anyone of note except some guy from the IFL Silverback’s. Drew on the other hand has fought a shitload of name guys but lost most of those. He last beat Professor X who couldn’t beat a name fighter at Yahtzee if he tried.
Drew by Unanimous Decision

Efrain Escudero vs. Cole Miller
Neither of these guys really impress me and Cole Miller looks like that guy down the street that fixes computers and jerks off his dog in the basement of his mothers house. That and there are too damn many Miller brothers on this card.
Cole Miller by KO cause I don’t care

Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca
Holy shit I can’t believe these guys even still fight in the UFC and on the main card to boot. Neither has finished shit in like years but Tyson still makes them interesting. Franca looks like an Amazonian Dwarf and Tyson looks like he would steal your girl but be unable to actually satisfy her, hence the ability to not finish fights but go all the way.
Tyson via Boring as shit Decision

Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg
Kos can suck a dick and Trigg should stick to announcing, I know he is terrible. Both guys have fought a who’s who of fighters and been relatively good at it. I see this staying on its feet as both guys are good at wrestling and everyone knows that, thanks to joe Rogan. These two are like Diet GSP and Matt Hughes Light fighting it out to see who is the 3rd place wrestler in the UFC.
Kos by Unanimous Decision

Mirko Crocop vs. Junior dos Santos
Mirko always make my heart flutter then I realize he isn’t in Pride anymore fighting mexican Wrestlers and Mutant Football players. Then again Jr isn’t all that great… hmmm tough call. Do we see a revitalized Mirko or do we see him fall yet again? I hope he wins just to see him fight more but it’s a real toss up for me.
Mirko by 2nd rd. TKO

Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort
Whats with all these god damn catch weight fights all of a sudden? I guess I cant complang about this one cause I like this fight. We get to see two guys who can bang, one on his way back to contention and one on his way back to contention…. is this a perfectly planned fight? Both guys need a win to be a possible contender against Machida or Silva since both can fight at 205 or 185. Is the old Vitor gonna show up, who is the old Vitor anyways? Will Rich get some from Jorge before the fight? When will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
Vitor by 2nd Rd TKO