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Reverend and Subo’s UFC 112 Picks

Grove vs Munoz

Subo-The memory most people have of ‘The Filipino Wrecking Machine’ is Matt Hamill kicking him in the face – but that was at 205, and MW seems like a division Munoz could be a monster in. I hope he doesn’t make me look as dumb as Jake Rosholt did.

  • Munoz by TKO

Reverend Clint– I see Kendell taking this one simply because I hate foreigners even though Hawaii is barely a state. Mark is a great wrestler but I see a submission in his future. Those mutant Dhalsim limbs will wrap around The Filipino Wrecking Machine.

  • Grove via Submission rd 2

Etim vs dos Anjos

Subo– As skilled as Rafael is, I can’t ever forget the image of him at UFC 91 eating Jeremy Stephen’s grenade-from-behind-the-ass uppercut. Plus, Etim is probably my favorite UK fighter today, and he’s on a four fight win and two fight SOTN streak. He’s well rounded, humble, and best of all, he’s not Michael Bisping.

  • Etim by submission.

Reverend Clint– Anjos is a decision machine and Etim is british. I expect fire works… underwater fire works. Sure Etim has good subs but Anjos is Brazilian ergo automatically a BJJ master.

  • Anjos via Decision

Hughes vs Gracie

Subo– I’ve been actively trying to find a way to pick against Matt Hughes here, but I’m falling short. He’s 1-0 against Gracie family members over the age of 40. He hasn’t lost to anyone not named GSP or BJ at 170 since 2001. This is Renzo’s first MMA fight in over three years, where he did win… against Frank Shamrock… via DQ.

  • Hughes by TKO.

Reverend Clint– I’d love to watch Renzo beat the shit out of Matt almost more that any other fighter but I really see a sub coming his way. Matt is good wrestling and his submissions are pretty good for a guy from that space between the coasts. Renzo is a master at submissions and never gives up easily.

  • Renzo via Submission rd 2

Maia vs Silva

Subo– Anyone nervous about a Silva/Leites replay hasn’t watched Maia fight lately – he sure does seem to like striking (against Miller) and he had no problem whatsoever getting Chael Sonnen on his back (this is of course omitting the Marquardt meltdown). When you’re trying to find a fighter that will beat the most well rounded, complete guy in his division, you look for an unbalanced fighter that trades being competitive in one discipline for being dominant in another, and that’s Maia in spades. I will not be flat out shocked if Maia catches Anderson in something funky, but I will be wrong.

  • Silva by third round TKO.

Reverend Clint– I doubt Maia can take Anderson unless he lands a flying heel hook or triangle choke. That said Anderson will probably take his sweet time with Maia just to prove a point or what ever goes through his muddled Brazilian brain. God I hope he makes this exciting so I don’t have to compare him to GSP.

  • Silva vs TKO rd 3

Edgar vs Penn

Subo– I love Frankie’s boxing, and I’m either coming away from this fight loving it even more or with a whole now respect for BJ’s. BJ is happy to stand, so Frankie’s wrestling will be offensive as opposed to defensive if he decides to you use it – the best bet for Edgar to win will be with successful takedowns, followed by spurts of GnP and a disengagement on the ground, followed by more takedowns and GnP. Unfortunately, BJ also has some of the nastiest TD defense on Earth.

  • BJ by finish – I’ll let him pick – and, with any luck, an upcoming defense against Maynard instead of an ill-fated leap to 170.

Reverend Clint– Frankie is 11-1 with 7 of those wins via Decision. BJ basically ass rapes all LW’s he fights. I mean did you see what ZDiego Sanchez looked like? HOLY SHIT! Edgar has good cardio and good strking but not as good as BJ. Edgar’s wrestling is great but BJ is as comfortable on his back as Sasha Grey.

  • Penn via TKO rd 2