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Retirement talk wrap-up

Just a quick update on who’s retiring and who’s not:

  • Quinton Jackson: Wrote another blog and still thinks he’s retiring, but does anyone really think this is going to last?
  • Mirko Crocop: Wants to retire but won’t because he’s addicted to MMA like it’s crack. And just like a crack addict, I’m afraid he’s going to suck some serious dick to feed his addiction.
  • Roger Huerta: Not retiring
  • Frank Trigg: The UFC decided not to retire him.
  • Matt Hughes: Retiring from fighting people who can beat him.
  • Herschel Walker: Out of retirement in a questionable attempt to get Strikeforce some mainstream press. But it’s working so who am I to criticize? I’m just wondering what’s up with all the hokey shit lately? All we need is for Walker to fight Jose Canseco and Strikeforce’s matchmaking will have officially jumped the shark.

I think that’s everyone (not including the Goat who we talked about earlier today), but there’s so many people making so many rash decisions that it’s been kinda hard to keep up.