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REPOST: What’s up with Evan Tanner???

March 22, 2008 – 12:27 pm by fightlinker

At this point, I’m pretty confused as to what’s up with Evan Tanner. On Thursday he made that post about blowing the last of his money on blackjack, and now I’m hearing stories about a follow up blog that says he can’t afford to train. Of course, I can’t verify that because a few hours later, his entire blog was yanked and is now gone. Here’s a post from MMA Mania about the last entry (which has since been removed from MMA Mania as well):

Today he has a post up called, “The $150,000 Heartbreaker” that says he lost $150,000 at the tables in six days and will now be unable to afford training for his upcoming fight. He also has a picture up of a Land Cruiser that he says he had to “say goodbye” to. The only problem is that’s not his Land Cruiser — he owns a beat-up relic.

Hopefully, this is all some shenanigans in an attempt to “punk” those who took exception with his decision to gamble in the first place.

A few people in a few forums are saying this is some kind of troll job, but you’re always going to hear people talking out their asses about shit they don’t know on forums. As for what’s really going on, I have no fucking idea. All I know is that some people think this is all just a big joke from Tanner. Some people even thought we here at Fightlinker were somehow involved. There’s always the possibility that the last few gambling posts were done by someone else who hacked into Tanner’s blog. There’s several suspicious things about all this, but the big warning sign for me is the blog being taken down entirely. That just doesn’t fit with the ‘troll’ or ‘joke’ angle.

All in all I’m hoping that’s the case because when I read the original MMA Mania post about Evan not being able to train I felt pretty damned depressed about it.