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REPOST: The Adventures of Evan Tanner part deux

May 17, 2007 – 9:03 am by fightlinker

Our bearded comrade has posted the following on his website:

I have sold my house and have sold or given away everything I own except my books and my memories. Great accomplishment requires great sacrifice. [This] morning we’ll be driving south to begin training.

Again I’m going to give you all a scoop: Evan Tanner’s official plan to win back the middleweight belt.

Step 1: Sell everything you own
Step 2: Drive south
Step 3: ???
Step 4: SUCCESS!

Hat Tip: UFC Junkie

  • Laa says:

    I understand all of that but lanndig harder shots and being the harder puncher are 2 different things. Wandy has become too punch drunk I think. If he loses to Leben he should call it quits. Even Wandy from 2 years ago should be able to fuck him up. We’ll see if he’s lost a step.

  • gsp gonna ragdoll diaz. this isnt even gonna be a close fight. it will be an aolsbute clinic, where gsp will showcase his striking, probly break diaz’ orbital bone too, we’ll get to see some world class takedowns, some nice GnP, gonne be an all around beatdown by the best 170lb fighter on the planet. and u know it.