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REPOST: The Adventures of Evan Tanner part 3

May 22, 2007 – 11:42 am by fightlinker

It is my sad duty to announce the demise of a dear friend. Evan Tanner’s beard was found shaved on May 22nd, 2007. All that was left was the stubble of a 5 o’clock shadow. Police are ignoring my calls for justice. I turn to the internet to voice my anguish.

On with the Evan Tanner crazy train: apparently Tanner has a sidekick named Garth (seriously), and they’ve made their way to Las Vegas:

We’ve both gotten very little sleep since we arrived. The house has two bedrooms and both are occupied. I’ve been sleeping on part of the couch and Garth has been sleeping in the backyard.

Not covered in the blog is the newest news from Chute Boxe USA where they report Tanner as back in the fold:

– Evan Tanner is back in Los Angeles with Coach Roberto Piccinini. He is determined to take back the UFC title from Anderson Silva and will be fighting under the Chute Boxe USA banner.

  • Eder says:

    Belfort should be on here just from being a fmorer champ even other weight class. Works that way for all classes i.e. Faber etc. Hell Florian got a shot based on two # 1 contenderships against Aldo. Leben should be on here even with a loss to Stann, he is fighting Munoz, right? That proves he is not far away from a tilte shot. Okami is rumored to be dropping to 170 to train with GSP. Aside from that low top 10 I think. The original list via last 3 are truly debatable based on competition alone. UFC is where the main talent resides. I also think another top 10 dark horse is Mayhem Miller, fighting Bisping who is IMO 5 or 6, he is not far behind in the rankings either.