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REPOST: Jack Kerouac is a goddamn idiot

April 21, 2008 – 4:42 pm by fightlinker

Evan Tanner has a quote from Jack Kerouac up on his blog, which is pretty hilarious because we were talking about him this weekend and saying he was the Jack Kerouac of MMA. For those of you who haven’t graduated up from RL Stine books, Kerouac was basically a beatnik who wrote really impressive sounding books about people who were general wastes of space. They did very little other than travel from place to place, boozing, binging on drugs, and booking it once their welcome was worn out.

I’ve always had an issue with Kerouac because he’s basically trying to sell this fantasy of individuality which is basically just conformity to another set of standards. He says “Be different, think different, march to the beat of your own drum”, but never realizes that some drums don’t deserve to be marched to. People who say things just to be different and interesting are fucking vapid as hell. People who are ruled by their emotions and not any form of rationale are destined to live lives of self-sabotage and misery. They try to justify their destructive tendencies by wrapping it up in the romantic notion of a candle burning fast and bright.

I’m not surprised that Tanner is a fan of Kerouac – his entire journey from the point where he sold everything to ‘head south’ reads just like Kerouac’s book On the Road. And just like On the Road, his story was pretty damn depressing. It’s only been recently where Tanner stepped out of the role of Sal Paradise has there been any positive change. But since his loss to Okami there was a return to the ways of ‘beat’ with his all or nothing week at the blackjack tables, and now this quote is up.

I’m hoping Tanner’s not slipping back into the habits from before, and I’m not talking about drinking. The whole ‘Kerouac’ thing is a crock of shit, and certainly not the kind of lifestyle that’s destined to lead to a happy, normal life.