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REPOST: Everyone’s afraid of Evan Tanner

December 10, 2007 – 1:47 pm by fightlinker

It looks like Evan Tanner has ended his general media blackout, because he just did an interview with the guys from MMAJunkie. No word on if the interview cost them a bottle of Jack Daniels or enrollment in Team Tanner, but however they swung it, I’m impressed. I’ve been sending Tanner’s MySpace 20 messages a week trying to get him to talk to us. Of course, most people know by now that by participating on the site you open yourself up to even more ridicule than you’d get if you just stayed the fuck away. We do it to ourselves, people :(

One of the interesting tidbits of info to come out of the MMAJunkie piece was that the UFC is apparently having trouble lining up an opponent for Tanner:

MMAJUNKIE.COM: But you said they’re having a hard time finding an opponent?

EVAN TANNER: Yes, they’ve offered the fight to four guys — four guys who have made a name for themselves in the division. Those four guys have all turned it down, so they’re still looking.

I suppose I can understand – defeat Tanner, and people will just say he was washed up anyways. But if Tanner comes back ready to beat you like he beat alcoholism, then you’re gonna get whupped, and badly. So there’s very little upside for all the risk you take in fighting him.

Of course, the fact that i ‘understand’ won’t stop me from calling out the guys who didn’t accept the Tanner fight. My bet is it was all TUF guys – Starnes, Leben, Grove, Herman. Yeah, you guys! While I have absolutely no evidence you were the ones who pussied out, I’m going to just assume it was you. Fucking pussies. As for who’s gonna end up in the Octagon against our boy, here’s my prediction: Alan Belcher steps up to the plate.

  • Igor says:

    As far as the finances go, my usenrntandidg is that the top boxers make more than top UFC fighters. But the guys in the middle to lower end are doing better in the UFC. As for pay per view numbers, I swear I read somewhere that UFC made more than boxing in 2006 or 07 or something. Since I can’t find that again, I’ll concede the numbers for now. But the buzz is there for MMA. It’s not for boxing. Casual fans can’t name a handful of current boxers, even title holders. The UFC has better fights, better leadership, better marketing. But maybe you’re right, maybe the takeover has technically yet to happen.I remember my sister asking me, So I hear this De La Hoya Mayweather fight is the biggest fight in 10 years? And I told her, Well, I don’t remember any other big fights in the last 10 years, so yeah, I guess it is by default. Every five years or so there’s a fight that gets me really pumped up, and I’m usually disappointed. De La Hoya Mayweather was awful.