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REPOST: Evan Tanner is my hero

December 27, 2007 – 6:02 pm by fightlinker

  • Berkay says:

    its not a scam its MISLEADING they claim to win 97% of their bets what they FAIL to tell you is most you are playing 3 game CHASE symests which means if you bet and lose you DOUBLE up in game 2 if you lose you now TRIPLE up to win back game 1 and 2 losses AND make a PROFIT it mostly WINS but ONE loss KILLS your bankroll 1+2+4=8 you need 8 units handy just to win ONE unit if your team wins ANY of the 3 games they count the WHOLE thing as a WIN!!!!! the ceiling is low (relatively) if you want to make a few hundred you can afford to chase to be making 1,000 a series you need over 8,000 just to win 1,000 and Losses DO HAPPEN you NEVER know when. the risk verses reward does come into question!!!!!the sad part is in the grand scheme of sports betting symests this one is not one of the worst ones lol the sad fact is you SHOULD win 1 out of 3 its just since your CHASING losses one LOSS KILLS alot of hard work and small WINS!!!!Choice is Yours Good Luck:)