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REPOST: Evan Tanner has good taste

August 5, 2007 – 12:27 am by fightlinker

I know we rag on Evan Tanner a lot, but the truth of the matter is we’ve always loved him. And it’s not just his balls-out fighting style and crazy adventures that make us big fans – he’s also got a kickass taste in movies. Here’s Evan Tanner’s favorite movies list, taken from his Myspace page:

Equilibrium, Cinderella Man, The Illusionist, Children of Men, The Fountain, Fight Club, Lonesome Dove, Unforgiven, Far and Away, Tombstone, Easy Rider, Finding Forester, Goodwill Hunting, Lady in the Water, The Count of Monte Cristo, Castaway, Hoosiers, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, V For Vendetta, The Libertine, Braveheart, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Last of the Mohicans, Rock Star, Schindler’s List, The Last Samurai, Sleepless in Seattle, Gladiator, Life as a House, Dances with Wolves, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, The A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. Casablanca, Notorious, The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer, An Affair to Remember, A Beautiful Mind, Legends of the Fall, Invincible, Forest Gump, Troy, the first Matrix, Super Troopers, The Breakfast Club, American Flyers, Vision Quest, Phenomenom, Eight Seconds, Pool Hall Junkies, Days of Thunder, Risky Business, The Electric Horseman, Cool Hand Luke, Saving Private Ryan, Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball, Blow, Big, Gandhi, Malcom X, Lawrence of Arabia, The Cutting Edge, the Japanese version of “Shall We Dance”, The Horseman on the Roof, The Seven Samurai—.

What an awesome mix of serious film and stoner classics. Other than Sleepless in Seattle, there’s ne’er a bad movie in this entire list. I especially like how he specified that he only liked the first Matrix film. And including Harold and Kumar? Tanner, you da man. Can we be best friends?

  • It was great meeting you Wandy in Mississauga! I would love to see Wand derotsy Chael when he returns from his suspension, maybe they can do it at the first Toronto UFC.Chael has 36 fight and never held a title, he has had the opportunity to hold a title but hasnt pulled threw, heck he even tried to cheat at his last attempt. Wanderlei would DESTROY Chael and if you think your wise, I feel sorry for you.Go Wanderlei Go!

  • Egha says:

    Ive got jds and bendo. Cains chin wont take but so many shots from dos before he cburmles. Henderson is a great scrambler in addition to his strong wrestling. Guida wont be able to keep him on his back and henderson will take a decision.