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Renzo’s sleeping on the couch

You and I may not care about the IFL, but Renzo Gracie certainly does. Check out his level of dedication:

On the importance of winning the team finals for jiu-jitsu:

It’s very important. It’s something we’ve been aiming to achieve and we’ve been working very hard. Right now I have a very angry wife outside and she wants to cut my head off because we haven’t had a summer vacation yet. And I probably won’t have a summer vacation until the kids are back in school.

My wife is very righteous, she doesn’t let the kids miss one day even though everyday when I go to wake them up they say, “Dad one more hour.” I just say go back to sleep. But winning the title is very important. I think it’s the goal of everybody sitting here at this table. I think we all have the same idea and the same focus to work toward. We’re going to work much harder to achieve that.

I like how Renzo is all about working hard and discipline when it comes to training his team, but doesn’t really give a shit about making his kids go to school. He probably figures the mad cash he’s gonna make once the IFL hits it big will take care of everything. His kids probably don’t even get to see Dad unless he’s choking the fuck out of them in the gym screaming “Keep your neck down! You are a Gracie! Do you want to be an honorless hack like your uncle Royce?”

Between him and Royce, I don’t know who’s kids have it worse.

  • And before anyone says it, I know Royce isn’t actually Renzo’s brother or even that closely related.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Gosh, you know whats more fucked up? I remember talking to my local BJJ master (i do mean master), he says that Royces’ father, Helio, LOVES TO CUT HAIR! Personally, i think that Hellio has a fettish, you know, after cutting the hair, he would grab them, run to his private room and rub his body with the hair he ‘defeated’!! Seriously he does love cutting hair…. Every gracie has one at least one embarrising hobbie….

  • Matt says:

    Respect the true warrior of the Gracie family