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Renzo Gracie to the UFC?

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are in Abu Dhabi doing whatever it is you do there when you’re filthy rich. Perhaps some sadistic torture? Or is that reserved for crown princes only? One thing we know for sure is on the agenda: a stop at the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They spent the time with Renzo Gracie, and re-stirred the “Renzo to the UFC” pot with Dana posting the above picture and Lorenzo popping his tweet hymen with the following question:

lorenzofertitta: Here in abu dhabi with renzo gracie. Do you want him to fight in the ufc?

Well Lorenzo, since you asked … yes. But please don’t put him against any crazy young bucks who are gonna smash his face in like Gallagher with those delicious nutritious watermelons the Gracies are all so crazy about. That legacy fight with Pat Miletich ain’t too shabby of an idea. I’d also love to see Matt Hughes potentially get his comeuppance for wailing on Royce Gracie. Especially now that Matt is pussying out of similar ‘next-generation’ fights. I don’t know who’d come out on top, but at least Renzo is the kind of guy who’s okay accepting fights he may not win.