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Renzo Gracie talks UFC

Am I being a hypocrite because I don’t give a shit about Pat Miletich’s potential return to the Octagon but I’m hyped about the same for Renzo Gracie?

In an interview with Sensei Sportv (a Brazilian martial arts program on television) last night, Renzo Gracie, 42, reasserted that he is not even thinking of retiring. He revealed that he speaks frequently with his friend Dana White, and that the UFC is not out of the question for his return. “I’ve opened the gyms I’d wanted to and now I want to return to training, there’s no better place than in the ring,” he said. “Dana White is my friend and we talk on the phone every now and again; whenever I have a suggestion for a fighter ready for the UFC we talk on the phone. We talk of my return and it may be that I fight in the Octagon, who knows. I haven’t any pretensions of becoming champion, but I’d like to face the champions. I’m going to keep fighting till I’m 50, for free if need be.”

Here’s hoping Strikeforce starts sniffing around Renzo, then maybe the UFC will actually pick him up just to spite them. Dana has already booked up a bunch of over the hill fighters for no other apparent reason than that. Why not one we actually like?